Thursday, 9 May 2013

Freeka Stolen

Chapter 43- Freeka was Stolen

Deary Diary,,,, FUCK !!
This is not fair !!

The problem is,... I lost my memory !
Dad keep call it a "one night stand".. But am not that style of Girl !? 
I dont go with anyone...

NO ... Is not funny !

This ignorant who took me blow my fuses, Broken one of my windows but... luckily, didn't take nothing from me.

Mum and Dad has been all day in the Market in the Moon (Bristol) selling Handicraft and some second hand music. I was full of stuff inside but this guy who took me, didn't touch nothing, only took me away for a "run" and abandoned me in some council estate ! :(

Mum and Dad told me they would not believe when they got back to the car park and they didn't see me.
They called the police and police got back to them in less then 5 minutes. I was not hard to spot ;) But i was a bit broken..and they couldn't start me. Luckily a friend Lou was with us and she fiddled a bit with my cables AND..Off i was :D she hot wire started me and my engine was running and we could drive home safe.

Dad replaced my  window and managed to fix the connections (for now) but still the side mirror to be fixed.
What an adventure...
Now , Dad is unemployed and I have been damaged, all in the same week.
He would do with some donation... if you dont mind
Thanks !