Welcome to my MUSIC PAGE :o)
Here is where you can spent the day listen to music !

I would like to give you all this music for free but because is illegal, I can not do that....
IN THE BOOK SAYS... You can be polished by law !
I dont know who tha F***  is law but it sounds a kind of a very important god !! :o/

Anyway, I leave here the first playlist dedicated to Dad...

More over...  dad tock ownership of this page !
Now its foreigner music.
Dad have been constructing this list of Portuguese Rock bands from is teens till this days. Some of this bands still play , some others do not play any more.
Some of this musicians have die infamous, some others are not famous at all and others have taking care of all the music industry in the country.
Anywayyyyy... this Playlist is constructed with some of the most significant (for me) Rock bands that make history in Portugal. I could go on and on about this but just as reference, this playlist go from top 2011 to 1977 at the end.


Mum time...
Again more Foreigner music .. no, not "Foreigner" the artist... the music !