Friday, 8 April 2011

Chapter 4 - The Paint

 Chapter 4 - The paint

Dear Diary.
Today was a very exciting day...
Dad and Uncle Denis have take me out for a hand wash.
was great to feel both rubbing me all around ;)

After that , they took me back and start to put my beauty mask
I don't like people to see me in my beauty mask but in this case, I`m taking  an exception....

And now you wonder...
Why do I have only masking tape around and no news paper ?
I answer...

Because I will be painted with  a roller brush :)

Dad chosen a very special colour for me , is an Army shit colour !!!
Yes... that's the one... the green vegetable colour !! ;)

Maybe you can see what I mean in here:

This is all what I need :)

Now Uncle Denis and Dad will start the painting job:

What !!?? Do you think they are crazy ??
Then L00K here:

As you can see by the images , it looks like I will need a second cot but Dad is happier now  because the paint can cover everything ... He believes !!!

And today they left me like this...
only because dad did  go and pick up a bottle of whiskey from the shop ... :(

 Tomorrow is another day but if you like to know what's going to happen next.......


or wait for the next chapter of....

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