Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Switzerland 2 France

Chapter 39 - Switzerland 2 France

Dear Diary....
After all the beauty of Switzerland, Mountains , green lands and amazing views, we are now on our way to France.
Mum and Dad had  to wait few days in France to go and Pick apples and they had to met some friends to get things organized and go to the farm to start working but that will be on next chapter ;)

From Switzerland to France was not too far but we were not in a rush, so we had time to make the most of the driving... and we did !

One important point to register... If you drive in France DO NOT GO ON THE MOTORWAY, is expensive and you will loose beautiful places.

I did told you in chapters before that  parents did offer me a TomTom (wish they decide to call him "Freekas P.S"
The TomTom is an amazing tool on the road.
Try to go into a wrong road and the Tom Tom will get you back in the same road but... will take you on very rare roads and true some very peculiar villages you never get to know if the Tom Tom do not take you there.
Mum and dad found some amazing medieval places in France and they never dream that France could be soo amazing as it is.
Close to the Swiss border, we found a beautiful medieval village called Pouncin. Half of the village looked dead. Lots of shop were closed down and there were not many people around, but the buildings and the energy of the place was truly amazing.

We did stop many times and we have stayed in a couple of camping parks while travelling our way to France.
One of the park we stopped was just 15km away from the famous Volvic.
The place we stayed for a night was Camping Bel-air.
Nice camping area with very big old trees and shadow. Although dad didn't really like the service and the owner was not the friendliest we met along the way.
(maybe he didnt like my freeky look compared with all the posh looking caravan he had on the side!?)
* Its an expensive camping park,
* The owner is arrogant and...
* They didn't have Internet access...
Fodam-se !!

And so, we arrived to our destination  with no problems :0)
Mum and Dad know of some market and they tied there lucky by going to sale in there ;)
They made some new friends and met some others that was there looking for work too.
Should I say... Only Portuguese people. Not only... but almost all.

So we spent couple days in Objat and when our friend arrived, she join us to get into the farm to start work.

If you look at the photos, you will see lots of Renault (very old) but they still on the run and working hard :)
Was brilliant to see my old ansestrals ;)

Soon I will tell you all about the apple picking but for now

Thank you !!