Hello and welcome to Freeka Blog !

We started this blog to write the transformation we are doing to a old campervan. FREEKA is a 26 years old Renault Trafic. She had previously owned by a traveler and we only adopted her end of summer 2010.

As winter soon caught us up, Freeka`s real transformation only started early this year in 2011. We have worked hard on her in and outside.

We changed all the seat covers, curtains and gave her a new outlook with a different, fresh colour.

Because we like to enjoy life to the full, we decided to write this blog with a funny feel, this way when you read all the chapters you will not be bored with technical car issues and will be more fun to read  ... PLUS... we decided to keep writing all the adventures we have with the camper van, which makes this blog a bit personal at some point !

If you are a friend of ours, this blog will be great for you to keep up with the adventures we do and see photos, maybe many of this photos you have already seen on our facebook pages.

If you are a stranger, you probably will think we are a bit crazy ...:)
Yes, we are crazy enough to enjoy life as it comes, one day after the other !

We hope you enjoy this blog as much as we enjoy writing it : ;)

Have fun with the mad adventures of


and be happy ;)


The honorable owners of a vintage campervan...