Wednesday, 6 April 2011



Hello and welcome.
My name is Freeka and this is my diary.

 Dear Diary...
I have been adopted by a couple of foreigners, which I call mum and dad.
Mum is from Hungary  and Dad is from Portugal
 ((is a Pork and cheese:)
They call me Freeka because Dad name is FRE_d and Mums name is Eri_KA, then one day they decided to call me Freeka, off mum off dad names :/ (boring)

I lived and traveled with my real granddad for many years.
Granddad was a hippy living in a Boat in Yorkshire.
One day he brought a motor home  made in Thailand  and put me for sale on eBay
... (typical from old farts !)

I know I am not a youngster but I still very good for the round_abouts, after all, my granddad have give me an engine replacement from 94 and change my petrol alcoholic vicious to diesel.
Yes, I confess... I always have been an Alcoholic Anonymous !! :(

Since Mum and Dad adopted me, I feel like I have born again :)
They have been taking well care of me ! Slowly but surely, I will tell you all my transformations and adventures.
Do you want to
Or wait for the next chapter

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