Thursday, 28 July 2011

On the Road - Hungary

Chapter 30 - On the Road - From Austria to  Hungary

Dear Diary...

I know you are waiting for one more of my adventures , wont yhaa ??
If not ... I have a couple of adventures anyway

If you like my adventures
if you dont like my adventures

off we go:

After I stopped in Austria for a couple of days, (Mums family) they drove me down to the other part of Austria Vienna


First, from the place where I was to Vienna took me 2 hours, after I arrived in Vienna I was jumping everywhere... O MY GOD !
The roads in Vienna are disgraceful, they have this train rails crossing the roads  PLUS is holes everywhere in the road... (No am not posh, Am English !!)

I really didnt like and I had a tantrum :/ Yes, I started to make a very loud noise that everyone in the street was looking at me.
Now, you ask me... why ?
and I answer,

I hate that roads and I was screaming loud as i could.
You want to know how I sound ??
Is a sound like... metal scratching metal.

OK, lets be serious about this, mum and Dad jump out of me and they look everywhere, the sound was coming out of one of my rear wheel but they looked everywhere and everything looked ok.
Dad suspected that it was the disc break from the wheel but later he found that the noise was made by the wheel cover which moved out of the place with so much holes in the road.

of course this make the wheel cover move out of place , which push forward the Renault symbol in the center wheel to scratch the metal part of the wheel and make a very loud and annoying noise ..
Thats me ! Dont like ? ask for the complains book !!

After Dad stopped and had a good look on my wheel, we notice this issue and hammer it in..
 That night we visited some Friends in Vienna, next morning they drove around 100 miles and we will reach HUNGARY :) 

MORE ADVENTURES !? yes, here is another adventure happening in Vienna...
The parking system in Vienna is very strange (you have to buy -tickets and go to the parking space to change the ticket hour by hour.
This was not the trouble, the trouble was when Dad try to go into a closed car park wish was recommended for cars not bigger than 2.05m high...
We did past the first barrier as I am only 2.00m high but when we get down the ramp to go into the parking spaces , the ramp roof did get smaller and touch my roof :
RESULT ... I had to reverse inside of the car park and come out true the other door (out door)  COMPLAINS BOOK PLEASE..
This people do not comply with the rules show in the first warnings !
In the top metal bar on the car park , it say 2.05m but once you go down the will into the car park, the space gets small between the roof and the floor and come down to 2.00m !!

Off course, I couldn't make a U turn in the meddle of the ramp and I have to get back to the (out door) in reverse mode.
Dad is a brilliant driver but this guys in Austria have to go to the school to learn measurements ! AAARRRGGG... I Really didn't like this piece of the planet call Austria !!
Wheel its fine for now but tomorrow and until we are stopping at Mums family, dad will take the wheel  off and have a close look.
Mean time...


If you want more chapters of Freeka wait till tomorrow ;)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

On the road - Austria

Chapter 29 - On the road - From UK to Austria

Dear Diary....

This is the first of many adventures to come...
Uhau !!

From UK to Austria the driving has been amazing.
Mum and Dad are sooo proud of me...
Lets start :
They start to drive me Thursday around 22.00pm from Swindon to Dover to pick the ferry.
This travel down took me 5 hours, we arrived and get straight into the que for the ferry that was to go out at 06.00am. Mum and dad tied to sleep for a bit but non of them could have a sleep as they were excited , plus everyone around was very noisy.
06.00oclock come and we got onto the ferry. Dad was tired from the drive and wanted to sleep a bit so he can keep driving during the day, so he lay down in the floor of the ferry but no luck ... They couldn't sleep with so much movement around plus was no sofas available and floor is uncomfortable :(

We arrived in Durkenque in France at 9am but only got on the road around 10am as Mum and Dad have to drink their strong coffee and get the beam light converter.on my eye bulbs.

Now I am legal and ready to drive in the foreigner country's.

Was quick to cross  France and that took us less than hour.
Soon we got into Belgium where we driven for few hours.
Anyway, I have a small adventure to tell you which happened while we were driving in Belgium....

Mum and Dad was very tired as they didn't have much sleep last night but they managed to drive 272km in Uk plus 435 km in France/Belgium  on the first day. I know is not much but they have stopped many times in this first journey , plus they ended up having a nap (small sleep) around 15.00pm that afternoon in Belgium because Dad was no longer feeling very  safe to drive.
After Mum and Dad have a nap (small sleep) in this car park, dad left the camper to go to the toilet, and while Dad was going for a pee, Mum was approached by a old man , asking... "how much ?" Mum ask .. "How much what ?" and the man answer "How much what !" with a strange cheesy smile...
Mum started to swear at the man, who started to run straight to his car and left the car park before Dad got back .So from there on if dad left mum alone for few minutes, mum stayed in the car and locked the doors until dad got back.Hmmm, you know its funny now but mum was a bit scared then..
That was a story !!.

They only have been sleeping and I can testify that !!
Dad wonder... is this normal ?
Are prostitutes in Belgium drive around car parks in camper vans or the guy was just a tosser ?

If you think the guy was a tosser ring now:
If you think the guy was really a tosser , ring now:
Lines are open 24/7, day and night ,375 days a year , 30 days a month.

I did feel very offended with this human behave !! Who knows if the guy was only ask Mum if she want to sell me !!??

I AM NOT FOR SELL !! Anyway !

Ok, after all this sing and dance, Mum and dad have drive till around 9.00pm that night and they stop in a petrol station to spend the nigh there, buy then we were around Boon in Germany. .

Next day, they woke up very early (8.30) they just drunk a coffee and got back on the road.

Are they go to finish the first part of the journey ?
Are they go to reach Austria today ?
Phone now...
If you think the answer is YES, ring:
If you think the answer is NO ring:
Lines are open 24/7 bla bla bla bla ;)

If you not shore about this

They actually, arrive in Austria in the same day !! :)
Dad just carried on driving and were pushing me a bit and they arrived around 21.00pm in Austria ;)

You want to know what happened next ??

Mum and dad spent a fortune on food to feed me with Diesel , soooo, why not give him a help ?
If you are not up to insert coin, please,

Or wait for the next adventures of

P.S. : During this drive we saw many other caravans and camper vans and many of them beeped and waved to us with nice smile..showing there respect to meeeee :):)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

On the road - Intro

Chapter 28 -  On the road - Intro

Dear Diary...

Finally, I am on the road... yuuupppyyy :)
If you want to know where do I go just see my calendar here:

The first part of this traveling will be from UK to Austria.
Then I will be traveling from Austria to Hungary and I will be on OZORA Festival :)
Then I will travel to Romania to go for Transylvania Festival :)
and then, I will be travel back to France , Mum and Dad want to make some extra cash by picking some Apples...
Thats the plan !!

And now you ask...
HOW !?
and I answer

in other  words...
Is for a very good cause.. me !
I almost ruin Mum and dad's holiday with my eccentricity :(
That was..  breaks, master cylinder, service, paints, rubbers, insides, curtains and all the sing and dance + bits and pieces.

BUT EY... I am now ready and willing to go on the road.

Lets get this in parts, first journey will be Austria.

I am on the go..
See you later alligator ;)

Chapter 27 - Breaks (Part3)

Chapter 27 -  Breaks (Part3)

Dear Diary...

I am finally fixed but this was only solved today and during the weekend was some bits and pieces happen that I will like to register.

First the good news...
* The Fridge is working :) :) :)
* Leisure battery is getting charged :) :) :)
* New music speakers on the back :) :) :)
* New Gas Bottle :) :) :) :)
* Serviced
* New master Break cylinder :) :) :)
* New Break Cylinder in the rear wheel :) :) :) :)

Then the bad news....
* No money for travel !!!
But all this was a little fortune for a poor man like Dad :o/
By the way...

(Do I need to tell you why ??)

OK, lets download:

* The Fridge is working :) :) :) 
After many attempts to get this fridge to work, dad was giving up on the idea to have a fridge !
Some other friend looked at the fridge before trying to solve the problem, but this fridge is connected with the gas, so was hard to have an electrician making plumber work and my fridge was no way to start.
Dad lost his temper (as he do with women's ;) He switched all the gas tube connections and clicked so many times on my fridge button that... Voi la... IT work !
The little flame started and the fridge is now working :)
And now you wonder... So, what's the problem ?
and I answer... I didn't work for too long, that's the reason !

here the image of the fridge connections :

The fridge can not be connected with the gas while I drive but dad think the fridge will work if  he connects the electric system which coming from the leisure battery. This is still a mystery to unveil on next chapters ...

* Leisure battery is getting charged :) :) :)

 The Leisure battery was discharging very quick !
After dad friend (Thanks Nathan) had a look at the leisure battery last month, he found that the fuse was blow, by this time, this is not news but this weekend dad found that the battery just needing distillate water !

* New music speakers on the back :) :) :)
Still under last weekend, mum and dad have gone to a car-boot and they found a nice and cheap pair of speakers that can be connected with the IPOD or MINIDISC or LAPTOP or whatever they want to connect !
Anyway, is a nice pair of speakers that doesn't need batteries or electric to work and they have a very good acoustic sound. Here is some Image of  similar  ones (unfortunately I didn't found on google images :o/ dad say, I am very special and everything I have is very unique.. ppffff)

But they are very similar to this ones , only not soo good, (I am not posh anyway !!)
The only difference between this ones and the ones I have, is that my ones extend the tube for a better bass fidelity ;)

* New Gas Bottle :) :) :) :)
 This was a busy weekend...
Mum a dad have been in a camping store and they brought a new gas bottle for me. I have 2, one was empty and the other one was nearly gone, so they decided to get one full bottle as they will have to cook while they travel. I had the bottles from before , they just pay for recharge (£15.00)
Not bad but can be very helpful if you
(Notes are welcome too;)

More paparazzi moments:

* Serviced 
As I wrote in my latests chapters, I had a service all around / Breaks/ oil/ filters, etc...
You missed the chapter ??  I DON'T BELIEVE !!
To Read the last chapters please

or then... read here ;)
Chapter 25

On Sunday, dad had a friend around (Nuno Nunes) This is a good friend of us so I had a very serious conversation with him and he helped me out with some of my loose screws :o/

Do you want to know what screws ??

* New master Break cylinder :) :) :) 
* New Break Cylinder in the rear wheel :) :) :) :)
(I dont know why this smiles are about, but anyway !!)

Ketchup... Finally !!
Today dad took me to the garage and they fixed my break issue.
As related on the last chapter, I have now a new break master cylinder and a new break rear cylinder.
I was loosing all my break fluid slowly and was hard to know until the breaks start to sound faulty.
I will remember  this but I dont want to talk about tragedy any more :o/
I AM NOT a drama queen!!!

Time to make planes for travel
By now... coins, its all what is left in dads pocket after so much money spent on me.
He keep counting coins, I hope my adventures dont have to stop here because his going bank corrupt !!
I blame the Mechanic !

Hopefully soon...
The new adventures of Freeka
The Crusty Camper-van !!

(ppssst.. crusty is very modern on this days ;)