Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Chapter 23 - Cosmo Festival

Chapter 23 - Cosmo Festival
 Dear Diary...

What an adventure !!
Cosmo Festival was amazing, nice people, good vibe, good music and good ... weather ;)
Driving there was just over 2 hours.
Mum, Dad, and 2 other friends, Claudia and Yan (known as Alian.)
Festival started on Friday and finished Sunday night but we only had to leave the place by Monday (12 o'clock)
Trucks, camper-vans and caravans, was a bit of everything.

They had two stages , one for Progressive trance music (Dad call it step on eggs dance) and other for hard psy, full on psy, dark psy, night psy or whatever you guys like to call to that psychedelic music.
PLUS a chill-out tent with vegetarian food.

No children allowed, no dogs allowed, no alcohol allowed. Alcohol was only allowed if brought inside.
Dad just realized why my last name is TRAFIC !!! yes, I have loooots of secret tunnels that are very good for this type of social repression.
Do you want to know where are the tunnels ??

Yes, do you really think I would tell you ???
Not even if you insert a £20 note :)

Anyway, was brilliant weekend and we enjoyed it big time.
Very nice to see some friends... from Brighton to Bristol, from London to Wales, from Swindon to Finland :)
No confrontations or causality's... a part of the usual (alien) causality's you will see in some photos ;)
Security was friendly and smiling, everyone had a good time ;)

Mum and Dad took lots of photos but I will post here only some where you can see me and friends.
(At the end , this is my blog and they have used and abused of my space)

Just arrived ;)
All set up with flag and everything !

 Mum and Dad always like to have friends around for a coffee.


A bit of cash in hand. Why not ? everyone has his own way to make it ;)
 The troops !
 Am not a 5 stars hotel but I am very comfortable even for friends ;)
 Some things will never change !!!
 Privacy moment for the lady's...

Sundays will never change !!

As you can see, I was very useful.
Shame the music in the Festival stopped every night at 4 am... that is UK festivals for you ! : O

Now is time to get ready for the long travels, Hungary then Transylvania then France ;)
Mean time, Dad need to change my filters and oil PLUS need to get a spear tyre.
And you know what ??

Do you think I am rude !?
Dad say exactly the same... but ey... Thats life !

Ok, so for you to don't get bad impression about me, I will give you some more photos of this marvellous weekend at the Festival and I hope you enjoy.

Wait for more adventures of ...Freeka Trafic
The vintage raver !

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