Monday, 11 July 2011

Chapter 24 - Tyres + Breaks

 Chapter  24 - Tyres and Breaks

Dear Diary...

yesterday Mum and Dad brought a pair of tyres for me.
They took me to the brokers and they paid £40 for both tyres.

Later, we drove to Bristol for a party and too see some friends but I have an issue...
Do you want to know what ??

When Dad arrived in Bristol, he noticed that I was not breaking as usual. After we stopped at a friends house , dad decided to look at my break fluid box and found I have ... NON... NOTHING... was EMPTY... NO BREAK FLUID IN THE BOX !!!
This is a scary situation as dad have put some breaks/clutch fluid on me about 2 weeks ago before we drove to Cosmo Festival.

Dad`s Friend drove him to a garage and they brought some breaks fluid to put on me.

After that , Dad drove to the party and to pick some other friends and then we got back home next day but dad didn't look at my breaks fluid again. He says, that I break, but takes long and he has to keep the distance from other cars , just in case !!!

This week, dad will put me in a garage to change the filters and oil, plus to do a service, as I will have to make a long travel very soon and dad want to be sure (+ -) that all going to be fine.

Dad notice before, I drop some oil , is not much but he never give much attention to this as I am a old van and this is normal in old cars but now, dad is suspecting that this oil drops in not from my engine but from some hole in a breaks tube !!

Dad check my oil and water regularly but he says, I dont use up much oil or water, soooo... from where is  drops of oil coming from?

If you think the drops of oil come from the engine...
Ring ...07785633334444
If you think the drops of oil come from the breaks fluid...
Ring ... 07785644445555
Lines are open 24/7.
Super charges can be applied if you ring from mobile phone
Call cost  £12.00 per minute if you ring from a land line. Call cost £25.00 if you ring from a Mobile phone.
Taxes may apply for phone calls outside of the UK and no BT landlines at a rate of you service provider.
Terms and conditions apply.

If you dont have a Mobile phone or a landline you always can leave your comment at the end of this post
and wait for the next  adventures of...
Freeka. the Vintage Camper-van ;)

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