Thursday, 28 July 2011

On the Road - Hungary

Chapter 30 - On the Road - From Austria to  Hungary

Dear Diary...

I know you are waiting for one more of my adventures , wont yhaa ??
If not ... I have a couple of adventures anyway

If you like my adventures
if you dont like my adventures

off we go:

After I stopped in Austria for a couple of days, (Mums family) they drove me down to the other part of Austria Vienna


First, from the place where I was to Vienna took me 2 hours, after I arrived in Vienna I was jumping everywhere... O MY GOD !
The roads in Vienna are disgraceful, they have this train rails crossing the roads  PLUS is holes everywhere in the road... (No am not posh, Am English !!)

I really didnt like and I had a tantrum :/ Yes, I started to make a very loud noise that everyone in the street was looking at me.
Now, you ask me... why ?
and I answer,

I hate that roads and I was screaming loud as i could.
You want to know how I sound ??
Is a sound like... metal scratching metal.

OK, lets be serious about this, mum and Dad jump out of me and they look everywhere, the sound was coming out of one of my rear wheel but they looked everywhere and everything looked ok.
Dad suspected that it was the disc break from the wheel but later he found that the noise was made by the wheel cover which moved out of the place with so much holes in the road.

of course this make the wheel cover move out of place , which push forward the Renault symbol in the center wheel to scratch the metal part of the wheel and make a very loud and annoying noise ..
Thats me ! Dont like ? ask for the complains book !!

After Dad stopped and had a good look on my wheel, we notice this issue and hammer it in..
 That night we visited some Friends in Vienna, next morning they drove around 100 miles and we will reach HUNGARY :) 

MORE ADVENTURES !? yes, here is another adventure happening in Vienna...
The parking system in Vienna is very strange (you have to buy -tickets and go to the parking space to change the ticket hour by hour.
This was not the trouble, the trouble was when Dad try to go into a closed car park wish was recommended for cars not bigger than 2.05m high...
We did past the first barrier as I am only 2.00m high but when we get down the ramp to go into the parking spaces , the ramp roof did get smaller and touch my roof :
RESULT ... I had to reverse inside of the car park and come out true the other door (out door)  COMPLAINS BOOK PLEASE..
This people do not comply with the rules show in the first warnings !
In the top metal bar on the car park , it say 2.05m but once you go down the will into the car park, the space gets small between the roof and the floor and come down to 2.00m !!

Off course, I couldn't make a U turn in the meddle of the ramp and I have to get back to the (out door) in reverse mode.
Dad is a brilliant driver but this guys in Austria have to go to the school to learn measurements ! AAARRRGGG... I Really didn't like this piece of the planet call Austria !!
Wheel its fine for now but tomorrow and until we are stopping at Mums family, dad will take the wheel  off and have a close look.
Mean time...


If you want more chapters of Freeka wait till tomorrow ;)

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