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Chapter 27 - Breaks (Part3)

Chapter 27 -  Breaks (Part3)

Dear Diary...

I am finally fixed but this was only solved today and during the weekend was some bits and pieces happen that I will like to register.

First the good news...
* The Fridge is working :) :) :)
* Leisure battery is getting charged :) :) :)
* New music speakers on the back :) :) :)
* New Gas Bottle :) :) :) :)
* Serviced
* New master Break cylinder :) :) :)
* New Break Cylinder in the rear wheel :) :) :) :)

Then the bad news....
* No money for travel !!!
But all this was a little fortune for a poor man like Dad :o/
By the way...

(Do I need to tell you why ??)

OK, lets download:

* The Fridge is working :) :) :) 
After many attempts to get this fridge to work, dad was giving up on the idea to have a fridge !
Some other friend looked at the fridge before trying to solve the problem, but this fridge is connected with the gas, so was hard to have an electrician making plumber work and my fridge was no way to start.
Dad lost his temper (as he do with women's ;) He switched all the gas tube connections and clicked so many times on my fridge button that... Voi la... IT work !
The little flame started and the fridge is now working :)
And now you wonder... So, what's the problem ?
and I answer... I didn't work for too long, that's the reason !

here the image of the fridge connections :

The fridge can not be connected with the gas while I drive but dad think the fridge will work if  he connects the electric system which coming from the leisure battery. This is still a mystery to unveil on next chapters ...

* Leisure battery is getting charged :) :) :)

 The Leisure battery was discharging very quick !
After dad friend (Thanks Nathan) had a look at the leisure battery last month, he found that the fuse was blow, by this time, this is not news but this weekend dad found that the battery just needing distillate water !

* New music speakers on the back :) :) :)
Still under last weekend, mum and dad have gone to a car-boot and they found a nice and cheap pair of speakers that can be connected with the IPOD or MINIDISC or LAPTOP or whatever they want to connect !
Anyway, is a nice pair of speakers that doesn't need batteries or electric to work and they have a very good acoustic sound. Here is some Image of  similar  ones (unfortunately I didn't found on google images :o/ dad say, I am very special and everything I have is very unique.. ppffff)

But they are very similar to this ones , only not soo good, (I am not posh anyway !!)
The only difference between this ones and the ones I have, is that my ones extend the tube for a better bass fidelity ;)

* New Gas Bottle :) :) :) :)
 This was a busy weekend...
Mum a dad have been in a camping store and they brought a new gas bottle for me. I have 2, one was empty and the other one was nearly gone, so they decided to get one full bottle as they will have to cook while they travel. I had the bottles from before , they just pay for recharge (£15.00)
Not bad but can be very helpful if you
(Notes are welcome too;)

More paparazzi moments:

* Serviced 
As I wrote in my latests chapters, I had a service all around / Breaks/ oil/ filters, etc...
You missed the chapter ??  I DON'T BELIEVE !!
To Read the last chapters please

or then... read here ;)
Chapter 25

On Sunday, dad had a friend around (Nuno Nunes) This is a good friend of us so I had a very serious conversation with him and he helped me out with some of my loose screws :o/

Do you want to know what screws ??

* New master Break cylinder :) :) :) 
* New Break Cylinder in the rear wheel :) :) :) :)
(I dont know why this smiles are about, but anyway !!)

Ketchup... Finally !!
Today dad took me to the garage and they fixed my break issue.
As related on the last chapter, I have now a new break master cylinder and a new break rear cylinder.
I was loosing all my break fluid slowly and was hard to know until the breaks start to sound faulty.
I will remember  this but I dont want to talk about tragedy any more :o/
I AM NOT a drama queen!!!

Time to make planes for travel
By now... coins, its all what is left in dads pocket after so much money spent on me.
He keep counting coins, I hope my adventures dont have to stop here because his going bank corrupt !!
I blame the Mechanic !

Hopefully soon...
The new adventures of Freeka
The Crusty Camper-van !!

(ppssst.. crusty is very modern on this days ;)

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