Friday, 15 July 2011

Chapter 26 - Breaks (part2)

 Chapter 26 - Breaks (part2)

Dear Diary...

Breaks chapter still on going and hope not for to long !

Dad have contacted 1stchoice to get the Breaks master cylinder from the web, 1stchoice is the website recommended by the mechanic to get parts for cars from breakers, if you need a part for your car, go to the web site and put in the part you need. They contact over 250 UK breakers all over the UK and they send you emails with quotes from all the breakers where your part is available...
Good service and free !

Not for me in this case.... from 250 UK breakers , no one have a Master Breaks cylinder in stock !! :(

Dad was running around like a headless chicken for 2 days to around all breakers in Swindon etc... but no luck to get this part .

Last scenario, dad decided to go to official car shops and try to get this part as new !?
Yes, Renault still using this part for the latest models, that's why breakers do not stock this part !! *LOOL*

Now you ask...
How much is the new Master Breaks cylinder for the camper-van ??
and I answer...
Surprisingly.... with VAT is: £72.76


Yes, lets be realistic about this... £72.76 is only the part but is not all...
When I was serviced, they found I had a break wheel cylinder bleeding !!
I mean... I need a new break wheel cylinder too :(
No... don't cry... wheel cylinder with VAT is only : £11.36
Fine, by now I have Daddy crying on my shoulder and calling me all the ugly names you can Imagine :o/

So far, only in Parts, he spent:
£72.76 - Master Breaks Cylinder
£11.36 - Wheel Cylinder


INSERT COIN ... pleaseeeeeee !

This (of course) still not including the labour ! They will have to replace the parts and bleed the breaks

Dear Diary, I never had been a religious traveller but by now I pray every night for Mum and Dad, they do everything possible to keep me tidy and ready but is some things that are very important and they have to deal with, even if this means less money for travelling  :o(

I am now booked to get back to the garage on Monday and hopefully finish with all this tantrums at once ;)

I hope Dad do not swap me for some other youngster Thai Camper.. I would not resist !
And now you wonder... How tha F***lipping this bitch still have a sense of Humour ?
and I answer...

Because life is beautiful and all the rest is only material !!
Night, night dear diary.
I will pray for all the Gods we believe,to be ready and running on the road very soon.

Freeka... the Trouble maker !!!

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