Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Chapter 14 - Paint decisions

Chapter 14 - Paint Decisions !

Dear Diary...

Today, I am in a bad mood ! :(

Do you want to know why ??
on this one you will have to 

I explain....
Dad tock me out for a walk ... for a run .... for a drive !? ... You know what I mean !!!
After parking me, he did go shopping and when he come back he didn't like to see my top !
I explain....
In a distance, you still can see the top of  my roof in white colour because Dad and Uncle Denis decide not to paint my top, as the paint was not enough for everything.
They didn't realise that , at a distance, you can see all my  top in White:(

Look...  look... 

Of course, if you are close to me , you will not know , my top is still white but if you go in a distance and look back, you will see  CLEARLY the white top!!!

The pop up part still to be painted too (as you must have read in previews chapters)
but I give you photo (just in case)

soo... by now we have the top of the roof and the pop up to be painted.
Do you think that's all ??
(and now... will really be needed)

Dad buy this paint direct from rustoleum, they do not have this colour (298 olive drab ) but as a request, they made it for Dad.
This was the reason Dad ended up paying more for my paint and that was the reason the paint was not enough to paint me completely :(

For this reason... They left some bits and pieces hanging around me to be painted but Dad didn't bother with that until he saw my top from a distance today.

Now you ask...
What other parts they left hanging around for paint??
I answer...

Or look under to see the photos.

From the outside, I look very nice but all this bits still need to be painted...

 Inside doors and the metal part around the windows...

Back doors and insides....


 More doors , more bits and pieces...

and more pieces....

For this reason, Dad made a decision today and will buy another can of special paint for me.
The good news is...
I will be totally ,the same one colour :)
The bad news is...
Dad don't have another £55 to pay for a 2.5 Litres of paint and I will have to be on stand by again !
Unless someone.....

I will have to leave now, I hope I can have some better news for next chapter.
Till then...
Thank you for reading one more chapter of ...
(The luxury bitch... As Dad calls me;)

Monday, 25 April 2011

Chapter 13 - covers part 2

Chapter 13 - The seat covers part2

 Dear Diary...

OMG...  I look AMAZING !!
Mum and Dad have been working on the seat covers, like foreigners working on a factory !!
Dad wanted to make some over-time last night but Mum didn't want , so.. they finished all the seat covers today :)

OMG I really look like a VIP from the Magazines...
Do you want to see my new look ASAP ???

(or a fat note :)

 As you can see, I still have the old covers on the front (this will change too ;) For now , Dad like to use only some rugs on top of the seats.

 Am I beautiful !? OMG !!!
 Look , look , look,, Dad say I look like a luxury Hotel, just need to install a swimming-pool ;)

Haaaaaaa... happy days to come.

Some things still need to be done, do you want to know what ??

Or wait for the next chapter of :
(The 5 stars camper van)

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Chapter 12 - The covers

Chapter 12 - The seat covers

Dear Diary...
For 2 days mum and dad have been working very hard on my cushion covers, they just have time to stop for a barbecue at the end of the day and that's all. 2 days and the sewing still going on.
mum and dad have their fingers hurting by now... Its not easy to saw all this fabric around my cushions, (as some one says... "The bigger the cushion, the better the push in" ;)
And so it was, and so it is... Do you want to see photos of this adventure !?

(psssttt... I can accept notes too:)

Finally, man in action !! Dad is sewing seat covers all around, while Mum sewing the corners.
This two make a good working team.

 Lucky me, Dad is a crafts man ;) I am a Lucky bitch !!!

More sewing on the go....

Now... guest who really loves the cushions!!??

Tatto !!! The Tosser !

Many other seat covers are need to be done but the project is still on go.
Is now two days without stop but Dad is confident ,this will all be finished by Monday !

Do you really think so ???
If your answer is YES, please call
00674566969 6969

If your answer is NO, Please call
00674569696 9696

Lines are open 24/7
Call start at £2.50 per minute. More can be applied if you ring from mobile phone.
NOTE: If you ring from Iphone an extra charge of £1.50 will be applied for insignificant luxury.

Or save your self of all that arshole by...

Chapter 11 - The Curtains

Chapter 11 - The Curtains

Dear Diary...
With all this transformations I start to go dizzy !!
(Dad say its only drugs !! ... Ignorant, do not understand women's at all !!)

Mum  finally finished my curtains and they changed all the old curtains with the new ones :)
Do you want to see how I look now ???

 This is me with all the curtains on, already.

 This is Mummy working on me :)

 This is one of my top curtains (I have 2 windows on top ;)

 Mum in action !

this is what I was just talking about . The other top curtain !

 Action women ! As you see ... man do nothing !!

 View from outside. Is not great but has a nice effect inside.

My back ... with new curtains , my shiny Trafic logo and... if you see my exhaust, I have an end bit all shiny and metallic. Man things... Dad thinks am a Racing bitch !! (Just good bookings !!)

and now a very special on....
Dad keeps calling me Horny ;) you know why ???


Because he got me a horn (still looking to get me other one to make me Horny 2 times :) hihihihi)

More news coming soon and I know for sure , you have now a pocket full of coins to use on this chapter, so please...
Or wait for the new Chapter of

(The Al-Qa'ida holidays camper-van)