Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Chapter 9 - Cleaning

Chapter 9 - cleaning day

Dear Diary...
Mum and Dad have took the day to clean the mess of the paint work Dad and Uncle Denis have left inside.
Dad finished the paint by painting a bit more of my roof and touching some spots of my old colour.
Then, he cleaned all the rubbers from my top parts and put it back, Then Hoover me and cleaned me all around (out side) wile Mum was cleaning me inside.

Mum made some changes in my habits like :
Changing my draws usual items and find more space we can use while we will be traveling... NICE :)

Happy days to come, you want to know why ??
and you ask... WHY ??
and I answer...
Because dad now is looking for a colour to paint my top part and finish the paint works all at once :)

Same time, Today Mum and Dad took my Pillows inside home and I hope tomorrow I will have new covers.
Mum did try to put one curtain on me today and Dad didn't loose the chance to take a photo of  it.
Do you want to see how I look ?
or Look at the photo on top of this chapter.
Now is time to go to bed and dream with the upcoming chapters of ,

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