Sunday, 24 April 2011

Chapter 10 - Insides

Chapter 10 - The Insides

Dear Diary...
I am late on my news but I will Ketchup again on this chapter.

After all the cleaning and organization inside, Mum and Dad have been out to buy plastic boxes to use on my open spaces. They reckon, is better have boxes as this will make things more easy to find, at the end they just want me to have more space available... they say !
So.. they have been out and they buy 8 plastic boxes (Did look like a they come from a Tupperware meeting ;)

Yes, I have space issues, i haven't got much of that and then , I have this air blow which takes a big space inside of one of my cupboards too:

Dad is very nervous because he can not get this to work.
He has been reading on the forums but still not get it how this works, some people say this is a GAS air blow !!??
Anyway, he say , the air blow takes lots of space and he is thinking of taking it out :/

More (wasted) occupied spaces are :

 The gas cupboard (2 bottles inside)

 The Fridge + (blow?) connections have a cupboard too, its small but can be useful when we have no space for small things.

And this is the fridge
fridge. Dad have to take me to an electrician friend to get a good review on my circuits.
Dad suspects I have some blow fuses... ( He have it too !!!)

Same time, while Dad was doing some fixing on me, he found 2 secret shelves :)
You want to know where they are ???

Or wait for the next chapter of

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