Sunday, 10 April 2011

Chapter 6 - Sanding again

 Chapter 6 - The sanding and painting... Again !
Dear Diary.
Today was a very exciting day.
I have Dad and Uncle Denis Shagging me again... I MEAN... Sanding me !! :/
They Sand me and they paint me again (second cot)
Paint was... JUST enough.
Dad say , he doesn't want to spend more money in bitchy stuff , so he decided , I will be living only with the second cot , which Uncle Denis said is very good for the time.
Sounds good to me too !
I know I can look better if I have the third cot but this involves more time and money, which is not available at the moment !

I LOOK GREAT !!! But I still not finished.. You ask why.. and I answer...

Lets get this by bits:

This morning they start by sanding me again... (was great to feel all that hands grabbing me again ;)

Then they paint me with the second cot.
Paint was JUST enough for the second cot... (Did I say this before !? It must be memory age problems !!)

After they painted me again, they get into my most private bits .. You know... the corners and curves, .. The insides ! ;)

After this private moments, I felt ready to make my show off.. as any bitchy...

AND... Now you wonder ...
Why they didn't paint the top ??
and I say...
Dad needs a found to support my bitchy beauty !!! Come on... make your donation !

OK, I let you know why....

Dad wants to paint the top with a different colour :)
Do you want to know which colour will be ???

Or wait for the next adventures of...

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