Monday, 25 April 2011

Chapter 13 - covers part 2

Chapter 13 - The seat covers part2

 Dear Diary...

OMG...  I look AMAZING !!
Mum and Dad have been working on the seat covers, like foreigners working on a factory !!
Dad wanted to make some over-time last night but Mum didn't want , so.. they finished all the seat covers today :)

OMG I really look like a VIP from the Magazines...
Do you want to see my new look ASAP ???

(or a fat note :)

 As you can see, I still have the old covers on the front (this will change too ;) For now , Dad like to use only some rugs on top of the seats.

 Am I beautiful !? OMG !!!
 Look , look , look,, Dad say I look like a luxury Hotel, just need to install a swimming-pool ;)

Haaaaaaa... happy days to come.

Some things still need to be done, do you want to know what ??

Or wait for the next chapter of :
(The 5 stars camper van)

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