Sunday, 24 April 2011

Chapter 11 - The Curtains

Chapter 11 - The Curtains

Dear Diary...
With all this transformations I start to go dizzy !!
(Dad say its only drugs !! ... Ignorant, do not understand women's at all !!)

Mum  finally finished my curtains and they changed all the old curtains with the new ones :)
Do you want to see how I look now ???

 This is me with all the curtains on, already.

 This is Mummy working on me :)

 This is one of my top curtains (I have 2 windows on top ;)

 Mum in action !

this is what I was just talking about . The other top curtain !

 Action women ! As you see ... man do nothing !!

 View from outside. Is not great but has a nice effect inside.

My back ... with new curtains , my shiny Trafic logo and... if you see my exhaust, I have an end bit all shiny and metallic. Man things... Dad thinks am a Racing bitch !! (Just good bookings !!)

and now a very special on....
Dad keeps calling me Horny ;) you know why ???


Because he got me a horn (still looking to get me other one to make me Horny 2 times :) hihihihi)

More news coming soon and I know for sure , you have now a pocket full of coins to use on this chapter, so please...
Or wait for the new Chapter of

(The Al-Qa'ida holidays camper-van)

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