Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Chapter 7 - Rubin Rubber

Chapter 7 - The Rubin Day !!

Dear Diary ...
Yesterday I was very tired and I didn't have time to ketchup but today I will... Ketchup !
Mum and Dad have been out to buy the Paint for my top but this will involve more sanding and primer paint.
Because I still not dry enough, they will wait some time to start to paint my top, same time they are still looking at colours.
But anywayyyyy... They brought a very nice product to clean my rubbers and make it shiny, so they cleaned the glue out of my rubbers and cleaned it with the rubber liquid.
That was a day... Rrrrrubbing my rrrrrrrubbers
Dad have put my bum(per ) back and mum rubbed it with a rubber product to make it shiny.
As Dad say... Nothing like a shiny bum(per)

Look how I look good !!
I am a lucky bitch :)

Uncle Denis say I look an Al Qaeda ... Fuck it !

Dad have spotted some bits of my old colour specially after close my top, so he did a list of (to dos) for tomorrow...
YES... Daddy makes lists too :) 
Do you really want to know what's going to happen next ???

or wait for one more chapter of
The Fantastic Adventures of....  Freeka ;)
(The Al Qaeda campervan :)

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