Thursday, 7 April 2011

Chapter 1 - Transformation

Chapter 1 - The Transformation Start

 Dear Diary...

Enough of my past now !!
Yes, I have been living my life on the road for many years and I was an alcoholic before my engine replacement !
Now that you know the rusty parts of my life, lets get on with this transformation, I am still on time to be treated as a lady !

Mum and Dad decide they will give me a new Paint and a new look.
I thought they will take me to a beauty saloon but nop....
Dad brought around Uncle Denis to help him out and they spend the all week shagging me...
NOOOOOOoooo, not that shag ! They have been work on me a lots.
First they sand me all around:

This was the first day of work !
Dad still looking for paints for me and Uncle Denis says, will make me a graffiti for I can have a more modern look ... (you know... This days everyone have to use a Tattoo to be modern ;)
Tomorrow they are planing to come around again and take care of my bits... I mean... My rusty bits ;)
Do you want to know more ?
(Dad really could do with a small donation, poor man !)
Or then... wait for the next chapter

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