Thursday, 7 April 2011

Chapter 3 - Sanding

Chapter 3 - Sanding , the saga still on

Paint arrived today !! Yupppyyyy.
And now you ask... 
what paint is that ??
How they going to Paint the Camper Van ??
and I say...

Ok, Dad doesn't like to go technical so he give me some links in case you are curious about how things work, but first you have to HAVE ME ;)
So.... Dad and Uncle Denis will paint me with Rustoleum Paint
This is a very special paint which does not need primary because it is all inclusive.
And now you ask...
How they will paint me ??
And I say...

They will paint me with a roller brush

BUT... Today , they have been sand me a bit more around, while they wait for the Paint to arrive.
Tomorrow will be the big day :)

and this is me all sanded and ready to be... Painted:

Was a big job to sand all the stickersI had on the sides but they end up taking them all off:

Mean time.. Mummy is doing my underpants... I mean... curtains !!

Isn't she lovely !??

Tomorrow will be a big day and very busy.
Dad is nervous because he brought some very special colour and had to pay extra for that.. PLUS... He only  received 2.5 Litres of paint and dad are scared , this will not be enough to paint all my beautiful body.

Do you like to know if will works well ??

Or come around tomorrow for one more chapter of

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