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I am raising money for Freeka !
Freeka is a lovely Camper van but she needs lots of work.
I am doing my best to keep this beauty on the road.
She will be a classic at some point but for now , I still pay high rate TAX road
(£128 for 6 Months)

The money collected will go towards...
* Next 6 Month TAX
* Paint to the top
* welding and a anti-rust cot, Under.
* New filters -> oil -> Diesel -> Air and the Oil.
* Some plastic parts (under the doors) can be replaced too.
* 1 Spare tyre
* Electric connections
(fridge is not working, Air blow is not working, laser battery is not charging)

(Updated 24/04/2011)

Supporters can also help by...
Working on her ! If you have a bit of time and you are good with Electrics, welding, or any other type of work that can benefit the old girl, I will appreciate and I will drive her to you and be on your side , helping with what is need.

Thank you very much for your time and please...

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