Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Chapter 25 - Oil / Breaks

Chapter 25 - Oil / Filters / Breaks
Dear Diary...
Yesterday Mum and Dad have been giving me a general clean inside.
Today, dad took me to the garage and they changed my Fuel filter and Oil. They cleaned my air filter, so was no need to change.
They did  a service on my Breaks / wheels but the news are not the best...
You want to know why ??

My Breaks master cylinder is dropping the break fluid, which is Dangerous on the road :(

I mean... 1 week to go in a long journey and now this is just what I need...
Yes, dad has been around brokers to find a replacement master cylinder but until now, just found 1 place (new master cylinder) which ask for £113.00, this of course, without the labour.
All together can go up to £ 200.00.
Dad spent the day in the garage and tried to solve this problem but no luck...
Mechanic recommend dad to keep an eye on the fluid box and dont let it go to empty or air can go in the breaks and this will be the end !! :( ohhh dear!!)

Anyways... I have my service done...
Labour      -> £50.00
Oil          -> £31.00
Oil Filter -> £10.39
Of course all this prices include 20% of VAT
All together was under £100... yupppyyyy ,
Dad was counting on this price but was not counting on Master Cylinder issue :(

And now ??

Yes, insert coin please because if dad have to pay this stupid money for the part I need , the money for travelling will be very short and this will create issues... I think !!
Then we will  need lots of tissues ..

Thats all for tonight dear diary...
I go to bed and pray to lord to give me luck for tomorrow  so dad can find a master cylinder at the brokers for a cheap price.
Night, night...

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