Sunday, 24 July 2011

On the road - Intro

Chapter 28 -  On the road - Intro

Dear Diary...

Finally, I am on the road... yuuupppyyy :)
If you want to know where do I go just see my calendar here:

The first part of this traveling will be from UK to Austria.
Then I will be traveling from Austria to Hungary and I will be on OZORA Festival :)
Then I will travel to Romania to go for Transylvania Festival :)
and then, I will be travel back to France , Mum and Dad want to make some extra cash by picking some Apples...
Thats the plan !!

And now you ask...
HOW !?
and I answer

in other  words...
Is for a very good cause.. me !
I almost ruin Mum and dad's holiday with my eccentricity :(
That was..  breaks, master cylinder, service, paints, rubbers, insides, curtains and all the sing and dance + bits and pieces.

BUT EY... I am now ready and willing to go on the road.

Lets get this in parts, first journey will be Austria.

I am on the go..
See you later alligator ;)

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