Monday, 27 June 2011

Chapter 22 - PsySundays

Chapter 22 - PsySundays (Brighton)

Dear Diary...

I know this is not a massive adventure as the ones that will come this summer but I can call it a intro for the upcoming adventures :)
Mum, Dad and a friend have took me near the sea.. yahhhhhooooooo !
Yes , they took me to Brighton and this was a long drive down to the coast.
3 hours drive from Swindon to Brighton !
Was not bad and even being a slow camper-van, I managed to do a good mileage for the diesel expend PLUS, I managed to be as quick as possible (for my age , I still do very well)
All was fine and I had good fun.
Dad had to go to Brighton to DJ in a club, the club was in front of the beach and the day was very hot...
Wicked !! :)

We arrive in Brighton around 3oclock in afternoon and the place was full of cars and campers
No space to park but lucky, Dad know the place from before and he managed to find a parking space for free :)

The club closed at 01.00am and we start to drive back.

I know was not a massive adventure to be registered here but was a 6 hours journey driving up and down without any incidents.
During our driving, many cars was stopped on the road with over heating and even we saw a Jeep caught on fire :/
I did get a bit hot as the day was one of the hottest days of this year but dad was careful to check my water and oil before we left to Brighton.

No incidents to register and dad got back home happy as a pig in shit !! :)

Do you want a full report ??

Even counting that Dad still have to change my Oil and filters -> (Diesel, air, oil) I did a good rating on a mileage,  I manage to make 260miles with £40 of diesel but I would make the 300 miles with the same amount of fuel (around 28/29 litres).
£40 = 28 Litres of Diesel (in UK)
300 Miles = £40
Dad hopes I can make more after the oil and filters have been changed ;)

Next I will go to Cosmo Festival and that will be again a full on drive.

Mum and dad have been take some photos in Brighton...
Do you want to see ?

Yes... I know am a bitch... but I dont run on water !!! 
Anywayyyyyy .. here photos for your curiosity :)

Be ready for the next chapter of the
Amazing Freeka !

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