Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Chapter - 20 - Key barrel

Chapter 20 - The Key barrel

Dear Diary....
Fuck this !! I am really pissed off !!
You want to know why ??

My key barrel is gone.. broken... 
Dad can not take the key out of the barrel and only can start and stop me.

After some search in car parts, Dad was informed that a original key barrel will cost £120 and take 5 weeks to arrive... GREAT !

After this exciting information, dad run to the garage and ask advise from the mechanic , who recommended him to go to a brokers and get one.
Brokers dont have this memorabilia any more but the mechanic told  Dad ,if he does not find an original, he always can put a peugeot one!!
As they say in India... (same same but different !!)
And so it was... Dad did get a Peugeot one for £20 and run to the mechanic who told him to go back on Thursday to get this fixed... ufff... 
will be a day before I have to go to the T.O.F gathering...

Lets pray....

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