Monday, 6 June 2011

Chapter 19 - The Picnics

Chapter 19 - The Picnic

Dear Diary....

OMG wat a wkend...
I mean... for many of you not used with this new modern language !
" OH My Good, what a weekend..."
Mum and dad took me out for picnics many times before but they never post any images or infos because they are shy ! 
Only this time... I did impose my presence to them and forced them to publish this adventures too !!
(Dad says, I can not keep acting like a teenager any more..pfff...)

Want to read the story to the full ?

So... here we go , this was a three days picnic adventure 3/4/5 - 06 - 2011

Mum and Dad took me to Bristol on Friday (3th) to see some house.
When they come back, Mum and Dad had the idea to pick some things up and go close to nature near the river to make a barbecue.

Was a beautiful day, the place is brilliant and we could even see, the boats passing on the river.
The day was very sunny and hot, really good :)

DO NOT ASK ME where it is !!
I could not tell you :) Sorry but I want piece and quiet , some times and as you know , paparazzi do not let me alone for a second !!

I have more photos from this place and others from picnics but you will see that at the end of this post.

Following the facts... I still on 3rd - Friday nigh and as any Friday night we look for a bit of action, so... after Barbecue we know of a bar near this place with live music... /// ... off they go !But how??
They crazy...they walked on a main road where mad traffic passes by...and there was no pavement or any light...spooky..:0

They left me near the river and went to the bar to have few drinks and listen to some live music...
Want to see some photos ??

This bar have a camping side on the back, with some very curious vehicles and some curious people too ;)

OMG... That is a real steaming machine ...

Weird people !!! Not only this... Dad found a couple of my Old ancestral hung around... (As any old fart !!)

What more can you expect to find in the backyard of a pub ??
Great !
After a short visit to my ancestral's, Mum and Dad returned ;)

Next day (4th-Saturday) they woke up with the Birds singing :) beautiful !!
Soon, the quit place start to became more active with a couple coming for a rabbit shag, a old couple for a moment of reflection by the river with Christian books and a group of youngsters having a barbecue... PLUS... a (normal) couple coming for a picnic and talking about business of the working days... No quit any longer !!
Anyway, we still had lots of barbecue pieces from last day, so decided to stay till late and came back home around 5 o'clock in the afternoon.

After we arrived home, mum and dad just found , they didn't want to be at home on a Saturday night, so they decided to go camping somewhere ... but where !?

After some search in the web , they found a camping park (about 1 hour drive) they phoned the people and off they went to *Hillview Park (OARE) you can read the review or find directions to this camping park here:

By now you must have decide to
If not, keep reading...

The park was very small and is all about mobile living houses but have some extra space for camper-vans and caravans... Good !

Anyway, I am not here to make a review of the camping park !
We arrived was around 7 o'clock, we set up and eat.
Soon after this its started raining and we had lighting and thunderstorms....i must say i was a bit scared...but mum and dad looked after me so it was ok..:o)
Then... we watched a DVD and slept :)

Next day (05th - Sunday) we woke up with birds again ... what a life !!
Mum and Dad like it a lot... I dont find very funny to be shit all over by birds :o/
Sunday... They have a quick look around the place (very small, not much to see in there , really)
What you do on Sundays ? well, by this time we have relaxed enough and decided to keep doing it for the all Sunday, so we picked some animals wild life DVD and spent the day watching it until we get board and came back home around 7 o'clock.

Dear Diary...
What a fucking brilliant weekend !!
Dad has slept inside me 1 time before but this was the first time mum has slept inside me ;)
They kept complain I am not long enough as they can not stretch their legs at night, bla bla bla bla bla...
Is their fucking problem ! Besides, they do not set up all the double bed as it should be, so...
what the fuck they complain about !?
Fucking foreigners, always complaining about everything !

But anywayyyyyyy, this was a good introduction to the times coming, as they will have to sleep inside me, many ,many more times ;)
They have tried 2 different positions already but I am sure they will try many others... I am talking about sleep positions.
But anywayyyy... They always can go sleep on top in the bank beds....  hahahahahahaha

Right... enough of gossip, Dad made a photo album just for the picnic photos, in this album you will see photos of 3 different picnics.
Enjoy it !

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