Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Chapter 16 - Restart

Chapter 16 - More sanding painting and clouding

Dear Diary...
Today Dad had a go on me ...again !!!
Not Just Dad, even Mum had a go on me... Jesus Christ !!!
This is really a case to say... Jesus Harry... W.T.F is going on here ???
O.M.G I fell sooo V.I.P & modern when I talk my new Bullshit vocabulary !! ;)
You know what I mean ... I always V.P.T.C any time I H.O.P.K.J.Y.
For sure you all understand what I mean.. whont yhaa !!??

But anyway....
Paint arrived late and weather has not been the best in the West !
Dad decided today to have a go and start to pain my roof top, while Mum has making the new covers for the front seats.
Was very nice but the rain soon started to bother us and we had to leave.

You want to know what they did on me ???

but anyway... Dad will have a go on me tomorrow again.
He did paint my top roof and back doors but didn't get to finish the work.
Do you want to see photos ???
Really ?? 

Dad say is too busy to make paparazzi work, so...
Keep an eye on my ... Blogs.... to know what's going to happen next.
and .. anyway... before you go do not forget tomorrow is another day and we need you to 
for he can keep giving you our lovely joobly chapters day by day...

Night night dear diary...
or I should say... verbal Diarrhoea !?
Tomorrow is another day !!

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