Sunday, 15 May 2011

Chapter 17 - R.I.P Mum car

Chapter 17 - More Paints and covers

Dear Diary...

Did you think  everything was over !? Not ! Still on the go...
Today I had some bad news, I lost a good friend ... I mean... Mum lost it !
I explain after you...
INSERT COIN... Pleaseeee

This is a hard one !
Mum took her car to M.O.T and the car (her name was Daisy) failed, the guys of the garage offer to fix the problems on the car and Mum left the car in the garage and pick the car next day.

Yesterday, she phoned the garage and they told Mum, they have some bad news.
Guest what !?

You really need to insert a coin to read this one...
I mean.. They burn the car ! All ! Nothing left !!
While they were welding under the car, the car pick fire inside.

Moral of the story...
Do not put your car in the hands of  unprofessional, middle of the road garages !!!
Do you want to know more about this story ??
Me too !
We are waiting for Monday as no one can make nothing at the moment because is weekend !
Now Mum have no car to go to work !
What to see some photos of this disgrace ??

 The professionals responsible for this shit !!

Same day to relax, mum and Dad have had a go on me again but the whether is not very nice at the moment so they are waiting for better days to keep on my paints.
Oh but in the mean time mum has finished my 2 front seats cover :):) So i am all dressed up nice now :) Just waiting for dad to go back to his paparazzi work i can show you my new "dress" :)

Thats all Dear diary.
Sorry about the bad news but as Dad say...
Some times the bad comes for a good reason
Lets hope !!

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