Tuesday, 11 December 2012

2012 Resume

Chapter 42 - 2012 Resume...
(did I sin that much ?)

Dear Diary...
2012 is what I call a year to forget !! Not all... but some !
So ... for the beginning of the Year dad start to work in a Warehouse  and I start to wake up very early to take him to work (boring life !) .
This situation keeps on for 8 Months, then Dad change his job for another Warehouse
Again... me, up and down making the Taxi bits :/ (boring)

The Dad found a better job
later (contract to permanent) it was happy as a pig in shit but after 12 weeks they send him back home (2 weeks before Christmas) and he didn't get the permanent job.

On this job , I was having my holidays as the work was 5 minutes walk from the house.

soo... for 12 weeks I didn't move much other then go to Bristol some times and a couple more of adventures that Dad didn't have the time to releases me and let me keep on with my diary bits (he say life was tooo busy at the moment)
but I still remember to be in Cosmo Festival & a couple of Tribe of Frog Gatherings ;) was cool but always wet (Thats UK Festivals for you :(

Yep... dad  had lots of planes for life and was very excited to get this permanent job to get some good money etc... all gone ... Just dreams!! 

But.. do you think that's all ??
Nop, the year has not finish yet and we still in December  !
You want to know more ?

or click the button to read what's happen to me right after all this slavery working year....

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