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Hungary 2 Romania

Chapter 33 - Hungary 2 Romania 

Dear Diary...

To be or not to be, that is the question !!

This chapter is called: 
Hungary 2 Romania but can be called, 
OZORA Festival 2 Transylvania Festival.
For this reason ,I will call:

Hungary 2 Romania VS Ozora 2 Transylvania

This was a slow drive up to the mountains, 1800 meters high but I DID IT:)
 Not only me but I will leave that gossip for the next chapter "Transylvania Festival" .

 After OZORA Festival finished , Mum and Dad started to drive me down (or I would say, up) with 2 other Friends, Darren Psy Punk and Ivy Maria .
Its always good to have friends around and is always helpful to share my alcoholic vicious with others as Mum and Dad can not support all my expensive habits alone ;o(

Darren and Maria are 2 good friends and was very nice to travel with them.
All good for a start and nothing to mention until we got up to the mountains but I leave that for later scripts on my diary ;o)

Crossing Hungary to Romania was a road chaos. Roads in this country's are not for any car and now I understand why we saw so many car service stations and tyers garages on the road. Not much places selling new cars but lots selling parts and wheels / tyers and pieces.

We did the usual stops in the petrol stations for a coffee and a pee and we spend the night in a friendly camping park for a good rest , shower and to replace our energies.
Before we stopped, we drove through Arad, which is a city and it reminded mum to old Budapest.
The style, the buildings, roads and everything else was very similar to how Budapest looked about 40 years ago.

This camping park was a bit out of the way but the only one we could find at that moment.
The place called Camping Route Roemenie in Minis village just outside of Arad.,It was a small but very friendly camping park, owned by a couple, and the wife was from Netherlands.
They also have connections with England and as they say its a Non-Profit Organizations where they help kids from abroad for summer work and help to local gypsies etc.
The man also have a vineyard and has his on local wine. So because of that, mum and dad, Darren and Maria  had a chance to try some local Romanian wine.

 and still a *long way to go* before we start to clime the mountains..........................

Lets ketchup...
Next day very early, we wake up and got on the road , this promising a long day on the Road in Romania.

VERY FUN NOTE:  for the first time( since I am with this new adoptive family)  I have 4 people sleeping in and all looks great. No complains ;o)

Many kilometers away, we stop again and we done some shopping. We will be on top of the mountains and we dont know what to expect, so we stopped in Deva in a  big super market and we done some shopping.
Deva was the last big town with proper shops and petrol station before the big scary mountain roads.
Back on the road, we started to drive up the mountains, the road was in construction and no signs to direct us to the festival PLUS... TomTom do not work in Romania although its in the EU since last year, and dad has a TomTom XL and even that doest recognize the Romanian roads. What a F**** is going on here???
So because they knew that, mum prepared with maps, and all sorts of directions to get to our destination.
(lovely joblly mumlly)

Anywayyyyyyyy.... From the last little town called Sebes to the festival, was only 90 km but it took us 5 hrs.

We arrived at the festival gates late and Dark, the last kilometers was nearly impossible to drive as this was very high in the mountains and no lights or any signals was show to direct us but we did it to the gates that same day. uuffff

On my next chapter "Transilvania Festival" you can read more about.
Thats all for now.
Keep read our Blog and please

INSERT A COIN or Dad will sell me to the gypsies and I will have to spend the rest of my life driving to markets and funfair's.

Thank you for reading
"The international gypsy traveler".

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