Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ozora Festival

Chapter 32 - OZORA Festival - Hungary

Dear Diary...

After the past incidents my head is spinning of so much adventures :)
 I managed to arrive to OZORA Festival in Hungary. ;o)

Amazing ! This is the sort of place where I dont feel lonely as there are many old campers and trucks around.

Took us couple of hours to get into the festival but after we finally got in, mum and Dad managed to find a place for us to park (camping) and Nuno Nunes has been with us all the way :o)
This parking space was not the best place in the festival as it was very close to the road (dust roads) and was nearly 30minuts walk from the main dance floor.
(I did change color with so much dust!!)

The festival was very big... I mean .. was enormous and all the trucks and cars wanted to be very near to the dance floor which made people drive to the end and then have no way to return as the roads was crowded with trucks, campers, cars and other types of living lorries and buses !

On the second day it started raining and that made everything and everyone very  muddy. Yep, Mudd was a must in this festival... but not only !! After that one muddy day, the weather was hot, very hot. I was so hot inside that no one could stay inside in ME for too long. Mum and dad was melting away after just few minutes inside. Imagine, when they put the kettle on to make coffee, i was a living sauna.But hey, no complains about the weather, its summer time :):)


Bad Words
* too big Festival! from the camping to the dance floor was 30 minutes walk. 
* The market place reminded to Camden Town in a rush hour... O.M.F.God !! kebabs, fish shop, 10 pizza places, cloths, food (restaurants)  ... all this in duplicate.
* The place was not amazing ! The festival was in a forest but that doesn't mean wonderful-land.
* No much places to get water and always a big cue in any tap available.
* 20 Toilets in one place. The next lot of toilets was far distance from each other.
* You can walk for all week and you will not see everything in this festival !!

Good words -> 
* Brilliant
* Good fun
* Good music
* Underground Market was amazing ! 
During the day most part of the (street shops) has closed and give a chance for Travelers and Party People to make a small flea market to get some extra money in the pocket PLUS...Some of the most amazing handmade cloths and jewelery I ever seen..
* Nice to see old friends
* Nice to make new friend (even so people was too busy all time with other things and not enough time left to make new friends)

Congratulations OZORA Festival Organization, you are making something different and it works !

Bad Words
A bit too big. Wasnt easy to find friends. Not enough water taps around  A near by lake or river was missing to dip in during the hot days. Lack of lighting effects and deco in the chill out. Many people was driving up and down unnecessary during the day, creating lots of dust.

Good Words
 Very well organized start to finish. was nice to see local Hungarian food stalls such as langos stall. :)   Beautifully build chill out, made out of wood, which stays on the land permanently. Amazing view from the hill to the main dance floor.Great, free market place for travelers.

 Ozora Festival was in fact the biggest festival Mum and Dad have ever been.
After we left the festival and stopped at a local food store, mum heard from the shop assistant that it was 26000 people there this year. Gosh this is a lot. No wonder why they had trouble finding their friends around.

On my way to Transylvania Call Festival in Romania  ;)

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