Saturday, 8 October 2011


Chapter 36 - Hungary

 Dear Diary...

I dont know from where to start... but I will !!!

This can be a long chapter, so its better if I make some points to get things organized.
This chapter is all about the time I have been on Stand with Mum and Dad in Hungary.
Things can get a bit confusing but let me explain...
First we were in Hungary to go to OZORA Festival, then we drove to Romania and after that we drove back to Hungary to relax for a few days before we got back on the road.
During this time when we stayed in Hungary ( with Mums family) many things happened, for this reason I will make some points first...
* Cleaning
* Fiesta
* Picnic by the river
* Mums (pre) birthday.

Ok, After we left our friends in Budapest (Read last chapter) we stopped in Hungary for 12 days.

When Mum and Dad arrived from the Festival they were very tiered from all the drive and dance, so they decide to stopped in Hungary for some days to relax and waiting to listen from a friend about some work in France (lets leave France for a different chapter ;)

* So, first they gave me a very good clean inside and outside. I was fresh as a daisy :)

 * Some days after we had a fest in the town where we were (grummmmtpsss) .
Very funny place but very small too with a fest goin into the night till 2 am :/ anyyywayyyyyy....
Mum and Dad managed to get very drunk and Dance for the folcloric sounds of popular Hungarian artists.
That was a register ;)
Funny street fest. For a couple of days was lots of Artesian showing they're hand work in the street. Interesting and very regional .

* After the fiesta, Mum and Dad decided to take mum`s k-niece Szabina Rácz and her friend Jani Rikker to the river so they could have the experience to sleep inside a Camper Van, as they have never slept in a Camper Van before;)
Very funny !!
Dad parked me 2 fingers away from river Danube.
No one was passing around, so we camp and made the space very cosy and friendly to be there for a couple of days.
Do I need to say, that was brilliant ??
Yes, Swimming, Barbecuing, Drinking, relaxing and... Sleeping :) (at 500 m of a camping park...oopppssss ;)

 After the camping we had a (pre) Birthday Party for Mum. Her family knew  that Mum will be away by that time when she will became 43 Years Old ... Did I say 43 ?? Sorry Mum ... Its 57 Years Old... eh ne !? :)
Oii...opps..mum shouting...says she is only

After some more relaxing days at home (in Hungary), Mum and Dad have received the (sooo wait) message from Mercedes with the directions to France
YES... Mum and Dad will be Driving from Hungary to France to go pick apples but before that, I need to tell you some more adventures.
Do you want to know what adventures I am talk about ?

Yes... what you think !?
When I get to the scrap yard, you will be crying for more adventures.
So Please... save me from the scrap yard and

Ok, I tell you...
The next chapter will be...
A surprise :)

Keep your Ears open to read the next chapter of...

Freeka "The chill camper van from Planet Earth"

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