Monday, 3 October 2011

Romania 2 Budapest

Chapter 35 - Romania 2 Budapest

Dear Diary...

after all the Festival madness was time to return.

On our way out we have some very nice friends to come with us... Alice and Clive.

Was very funny to Travel with this friends until \Budapest where they stay until get a fly back to UK.

We manage to stopped by the first restaurant to eat a proper meal... muha muha muha  (this still was 1.000 high.)

Later, we stopped in a small but friendly Camping park in Aurel Vlaicu. It was in a small village !

From the street no one would of think that is a camping park but once we drove through the small gate there were some funny people singing and dancing.

Here we met some Scottish People
(is not Scottish, was Irish Freeka !!)
Imagine!!!!! In middle of Romania  meeting Scottish people..:)  small funny camping park but friendly:)
(is not Scottish, was Irish ..... Dawm !!)

A Part from the NOISY Scottish people (IS NOT SCOTTISH, WAS IRISH..... Bloody hell !!)
Dad, Mum ,Clive and Alice, manage to do a jam music session inside of ME !
I am not that big to host a stage or a Festival inside but they decide to make some music with a Kaossilator
 while Alice was drawing some riffs in her Guitar  ;)

Didn't take too long until they decided it was time to go to bed but it was a funny night !

Next day after a shower and fresh food we got back on the road to Budapest.
We made some stops in a way for a coffee or two ;)

The next night we were rumbling a bit looking for a place where to park and stay just for one night without having to pay for camping again, so we stopped outside of Csongrad
This was an allotment in a plot where i had AGAIN...(Mary and Jose) 4 people sleeping inside...

As this will be our arriving day to Budapest , we stopped and had a proper breakfast meal before make the last leg to Budapest.

Finally Budapest  !!!

we had stayed for a couple of hours looking at the place and find a hotel for our friends.

It was time so then we made our way to visit some family in Hungary..

Finally... I had some beauty treatment :):):)
Mum and Dad gave me a good clean up and washed my outside and hovered inside..
hihi, am tickles..@_@ ,anyway..^_^
Thank you :)

Now, but really... now:
INSERT COINS PLEASE :::: so then i can tell you my next story :)
until then...

Freeka, the real driver will come back soon!!!

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