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Switzerland - DaDa

Chapter 37 - Switzerland - DaDa

Dear Diary...

After the relaxing days in Hungary, I finally got on my way to France but before I got to France, Dad had some Ideas to take me to Switzerland to visit some very special places he always dreamed to go.
 Now you ask...
What Places ? 
and I answer....

Dad is mad about Dadaism and we love the works of Giger too (more about Giger in late chapters) but for now, this chapter is about the first stop we made in Switzerland and the way there !

Lets start again...
Took us 1 day to arrive in Zurich (Switzerland) . 
 First night (on our way to Switzerland) we stop in a small village to sleep on a back of a church 
(pssst... very nice approach by one of the Nuns in the morning ;) 

We didn't get to stay in Zurich for too long but dad wanted to visit (Cabaret Voltaire
and now you ask...
What is Cabaret Voltaire ?
and I answer...
Is where DaDaism movement started in 1916 !
and then you ask again...
But what it is Dadaism ?
and I answer...
Look at Wiki page and read !!

Switzerland... What more can you expect other then Beautiful Mountains and views !?
IT IS  Beautiful !!

Finally, Zurich and Cabaret Voltaire bar / exhibitions place.
Words ? how can I explain the place ? Its DaDa ! 
Do not look like nothing, is not a Bar but sell alcohol, is not a Museum but still as it was left in 1922.
Is not a Art Gallery but have some exhibition running in the toilets... is not commercial but have a shop under selling Memorabilia...
Dada it is a is, without the Bs but with some niiis !
Thats Dada !
Shocking !?
Thats why Dada exist... to make what is not normal, to create what is Immoral, to change what is normal... to destroy prototypes !
Is no shelf for dadaism !

BUT... Zurich is not just Dadaism, actually, is a very City feel and very square looking buildings.
Ofcorse we had visited the most tourist part of the city. Restaurants, shops was everywhere. 
Very artistic directed (as Giger lives there too;)

After mum and dada ;) have been to Cabaret Voltaire bar drinking something , they walked a bit around but soon left the place to keep driving me up to the mountains to visit (HR Giger Museum in Gruyère, near the France boarder) 

 It was still a long way to go, so they decided to stop in a Camping park for a good sleep, food and shower.

The camping park was in Salavaux and it was a big T.c.s camp park.
T.C.S is a big camping parks company working in Switzerland, they manage most camping parks)
Good Things about this camping park...
Very nicely situated near to a lake and lots of facilities

Bad things about this park...
1 - When we arrived at 7.00pm, was no one on the gate and we have to be helped by some resident in the restaurant to let us go in and get us a space

2 - Next morning before we leave, we had to pay 40 Euros for the night, which was very expensive considering we do  have to pay extra 2.00 Euros for 30.00 minutes of Internet.

 but ey... Mums did Cook a nice dinner and next day we had shower and we were ready to go for the next adventure in the mountains.

Do you want to know what's going to happen next ??

Or wait for one more chapter of 
"The climbing mountains camper van"

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